SMADPC MADI Recording Computer


SMADPC MADI Recording Computer

Developed to address the growing need for large-scale multi-track recording, the SMADPC is a computer based recording solution offering up to 128 Tracks of 48KHz/24bit recording and playback across up to three (3) independent MADI streams.

MADI (AES10-1991 Standard) is a fast growing multi-channel digital audio format that carries 64 Channels of digital.  Although originally designed for multi-track tape recorders this robust format is quickly gaining acceptance as the digital transport medium of choice for large to medium scale mixing console manufacturers.  SMADPC capitalises on the benefits of MADI by offering a compact and convenient recording system capable of tracking and playing back your show entirely in the digital domain.

Contained in a four (4)-unit industrial computer case, SMADPC uses the power of Steinberg Nuendo Live to provide a compact recording system ideal to accompany any MADI based mixing console.  With just three BNC connections the recorder has access to 192 channels of audio from which any 128 may be recorded at once. With a tap of the space bar the system can then playback your recording enabling you to monitor your recording as if coming directly from the same source.   This function can be put to use whether recording for a live album, outside broadcast or simply for rehearsal purposes.

Product Details

  • Up to 128 track record/ playback facility
  • Inputs/Outputs selectable across three independent MADI streams
  • Super low noise cooling systems
  • 44.1Khz, 48.0KHz and 96.0KHz sample rate support
  • Compact Industrial 4U rack mountable case


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