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    Autograph celebrates 100 XUSB-2 devices
    Limited Edition Gold XUSB-2
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    Stopping is not an option.
    XUSB-2 provides seamless switching for
    Windows or Apple computers to keep
    your show on track.
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    Reliable and quiet computing
    Dual Core Atom Processor
    Solid State Removable Storage
    Enhanced Write Filter protection
    Dual Head Display
    Medically Approved power supply
    Quiet operation
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    Waiting in the wings.
    We have such confidence in our products
    we offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty* on
    all of our devices.
    Just send it back and we will fix it.

What do we do?

We provide bespoke solutions for live performance conundrums.

Quality Design

At Autograph a lot of time and energy is devoted to planning for the unexpected.  Should the unthinkable happen our systems are designed to keep the curtain from coming down.

About us

Bespoke Solutions

As one of the worlds leading audio rental companies we are always pushing the boundries of technology.  That's one of the things that keeps our role exciting.  Finding the right solution is a matter of knowledge and experience, both of which we have in abundence.

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Comprehensive Support

Autograph know how important it is to have someone standing by just in case the unexpected happens.  Our highly experienced support team are waiting for just such occasions armed with a wealth of experience and expertise to get you up and running quickly.

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Signature Series products keep high profile productions running around the globe.

Our Products

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Here are five good reasons to consider our solutions.

Our products are built to withstand the less than ideal conditions of performance environments.  Signature Series products are designed to operate in dusty, hot, rodent infested theatres rather than clean server rooms.
Rest easy knowing that the operator of your show can change to a complete backup system with the push of a button.  We in the entertainment industry do not get much sleep so we have to value any rest we can get.
Signature Series products are bred from our experience as a world leading theatrical sound rental company.  All of the problems you experience, we deal with everyday and Signature Series is one of the ways we do it.
Signature Series changeover products offer a simple integrated solution to redundant switching.  Previously this had to be achieved by multiple devices and complex interconnections.
We know how important it is to have support. Signature Series products carry a lifetime limited liability warranty.  At any time during the life of the products you can return it to us for service and upgrade.



This is just some of the productions Signature Series products help keep running.

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